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MSA is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Their range includes Latchways®fall protection equipment supplied to industry, with solutions trusted by the aerospace, power transmission, utilities and telecommunications sectors.

The challenge

As a company that makes hazardous work environments safer, demonstrating the real-world benefits of MSA  products is not easy. MSA  were relying on videos, imagery and PDF content to do this. But this content did not allow them to simulate a real-life environment. MSA wanted to bring their products to life in a way that would allow them to demonstrate products in a real-world scenario, while delivering a creative solution that was easily scalable.

Our response

From CAD to Virtual Reality (VR)

As the perfect candidate for VR, we recommended a ground-breaking VR app that would transport potential customers to a virtual work environment, enabling them to experience all of MSA’s Latchways® fall protection products in application to how they would be used in the real-world

Experience the application of your products in context and in real-time

As with every VR solution we deliver, we make the user experience our core focus. Working closely with MSA, we mapped out the user journey and created a story that would engage them on a deeper level. VR can make a small percentage of users feel uneasy if not carefully constructed and tested. Because MSA’s VR would simulate working at height, we worked to ensure we struck a balance between keeping the experience safe and user friendly while pushing the boundaries to create an engaging true-to-life representation of the products in application.


Products in Application

To create the right VR environment, we utilised MSA’s existing assets and CAD data, digitising and optimising them for VR. Our work also ensured these assets were now real-time ready, to be used in any other VR, AR or immersive application – building a real-time asset library for the whole business to benefit from as MSA moves along their digital transformation journey.

We built up the entire experience starting with the product solutions, then working up the building, setting the scene of how they work in context. From here we worked onthe surrounding environment and final touches to really bring the experience to life.  We used drone photogrammetry to complete a 3D scan of the real-life environment at MSA’s Latchways site and composited the buildings in the surrounding environment. This ensured a consistent level of detail to deliver high-quality, photo-real results.

The Results

With their CAD data and other content assets now housed in a real-time asset library, MSA Latchways can reuse and repurpose them to create further immersive applications across the global business.

Create once, use forever

The VR app was successfully exhibited at A+A in Dusseldorf – the international trade fair for occupational safety and health at work – and has since been launched in the US and Russia – with further use planned at an event in Spain in February 2018, where a mobile VR version will be available for attendees. MSA will make the VR app available in nine different languages by February and has further events in the pipeline.

The Virtual Reality Experience is more than just a one-off piece never to be seen again. It’s an evolving asset within the business that can be repurposed across the business and on a global scale. Allowing enterprise to be on the forefront of technology, revolutionising data within the organisation and embracing innovation, engaging customers, stakeholders and employees.

“Render is helping us transition from using 2D demo visuals to creating something more visceral, allowing our prospective customers to experience our products and how they work together for real. We’ve always used film as the core of our customer communications. But every time we needed a new version, we’d have to go back to square one by re-editing and re-rendering. Now we have an immersive solution that’s far more flexible and can be updated more easily. Render’s VR solution is an ultra-engaging communications tool that conveys products in a representative environment while empowering us with an incredibly efficient real time content pipeline."

Global Customer Marketing Communications Manager, Fall Protection

Transforming data into solutions across the enterprise

The Virtual Reality solution was a key component in supporting MSA’s digital transformation strategy. By transforming MSA product data into VR, this allowed MSA to reuse the same products in AR and integrate the same data into product catalogues that allowed customers to engage with products in real-time as an Immersive AR and App solution for the international sales team.  This ensured that the digital assets could be used across all real-time platforms, as well as future ones, as we created a real-time asset library, ensuring a lifetime of use and value across the business for global audiences.

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